Easy Tea Steeping Guidelines

Tea Brewing Time Guide

Black205F 3-5
White185F 3-4
Oolong185F 3-4
Green176F 2-3
Herbal212F 5-15

Please note that most tea you purchase will have a recommended timeframe you can use as well. Nothing is set in stone, everything are guidelines.

We recommend 1 teaspoon of tea per 6oz of water. White, herbal and oolong tea require 2 teaspoons of tea per 6oz of water. For taste purposes it is best to use filtered water.

You will need:

  • A cup for tea(or a travelling infuser)
  • Tea bag, loose leaf tea and empty tea bag, loose leaf tea and an infuser, loose leaf tea and a sifter
  • Spoon(preferred)
  • Boiling or heated water(depending on how much time you have to get temperatures correct)

If you are using a kettle to boil the water, you can simply pull it off the burner right before it reaches a boil to get closer to desired temperatures. 212F for herbal tea is the only temperature that is a boiling temperature. White tea and green tea are very delicate, boiling water will over process the tea and you will lose taste.

This is a very generic guide to brewing tea. Brewing is a delicate art that requires some time and perfection. These numbers are ballpark guides to brew a decent cup. Brewing the perfect tasting cup of tea involves adjusting the time, amount of water and infusion time. Everyone has a different preference in their perfect cup of tea taste, so to each their own.