Refund Policy

Loose Leaf Tea

The refund policy at Match Your Tea is very simple. We will not accept returns on loose leaf tea. Tea is a consumable and food product. In order to ensure that all tea is safe to consume we cannot allow returns on these products. Understand that food contamination is a huge issue with all food products and we must be certain that our products have not been contaminated. Once shipped and received we cannot verify how the packaging or the product was handled. The only exception to this policy is in the event that product arrived expired, with an undesirable odour, leaves are dead or your package was damaged or punctured.


All our accessories and everything that is not a food product are refundable. In order to issue a refund we will need to first approve the product. We will need to inspect the product to ensure it has not been used and not been damaged. We ask(but do not require) that you send detailed pictures prior to shipping your return for approval. The only exception is product that arrived damaged.

Bagged Tea

All of our bagged tea options are refundable. Yes these are food products, however if confirmed to be unopened we will accept a refund request. Once the package has been opened or punctured, the product will have to be approved before a refund is issued.


We do not refund the cost of shipping and we do not reimburse the cost of shipping back product for the refund. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the shipping means to receive product. We do not upcharge our shipping costs. We do not use our own couriers. As a result shipping costs are paid to the courier it ships with. If you have an issue with shipping prices or require a refund on shipping, that is to be taken up with the courier service. We are not affiliated or partnered with any of our couriers.


  • We do not accept returns on loose leaf tea products for health and safety reasons. There are very few exceptions, please see above.
  • We do accept returns on all accessories that have been unused and approved for a refund
  • We do accept returns on all bagged tea products that are either unopened or approved for a refund