Black tea, although it has not been very well documented or researched, does have its own host of health benefits. Black tea is typically more oxidized than green, oolong and white tea, giving it the black color and look. It comes from the same Camella Sinensis plant as green, oolong and white tea. The big difference is in the manufacturing of black tea. The process that it undergoes before hitting the shelf as black tea from the original leaf.

Black tea is typically well known for it’s caffeine content. It often gets compared to coffee as the ‘caffeine tea’. It has a larger caffeine content than most other teas. Furthermore, the caffeine absorption is also higher, this makes it’s lower caffeine content comparable to a cup of coffee. With tolerance having a big impact in the effect of caffeine, it can’t be said which has a bigger caffeine impact. However, some avid coffee drinkers will switch to a black tea like English Breakfast because they feel it makes them feel more awake than coffee. This is the similar effect energy drinks will have on coffee drinkers. It is not well known if this is simply a placebo effect, absorption related or something else unknown.